Cans and Can NOTS of storage Items...


Some items may seem as though they’re safe to store at home or at your business, but are not allowed to be stored here. Here’s a list of the items that we do NOT allow to be stored and this list may be added to at anytime…

Combustible, Flammable, Hazardous, or Toxic Materials

If you’re wondering what liquids or materials you shouldn’t keep in your storage unit, it’s anything that is considered inherently dangerous. That includes, but is not limited to:

  • gasoline
  • compressed gas
  • propane tanks
  • kerosene
  • lamp & motor oil
  • acid
  • grease
  • corrosives
  • fertilizers
  • paint
  • cleaners
  • narcotics
  • fireworks
  • products containing asbestos
  • radioactive equipment or supplies
  • hazardous, toxic, or biological waste

Perishable Food

While canned goods are allowed in our self storage units, perishable food and even pet food is not allowed to be kept at Marshall Street Storage. The storage of produce, meat, and any item that may spoil can attract unwanted pests and will result in the termination of your lease agreement.


When it comes to plants, you cannot store any (living or dead) inside an Marshall Street Storage unit. Plants can attract pests and cause an infestation that does irreparable damage to both your unit and the stored belongings of other customers at our facility.


In the event that you have extra tires—meaning more than the four attached to your vehicle—you may not use a storage unit to keep these items. The cost to dispose of tires puts a strain on businesses financially, and the difficulty in putting out a tire fire (should they catch fire) can create a larger problem.

Yourself or Your Animals

No matter what, you or any animal you own is prohibited from living in your storage unit at Marshall Street Storage. It’s illegal, and it puts you and other storage customers at risk. So don’t do it!


Canned Goods

Looking for a good place to store canned goods outside of your home or business? A storage unit is a good solution! Customers can store canned goods that are in good condition and still sealed. Just make sure nothing falls within the perishable category, as those items will not be allowed.

Construction, Landscaping, & Other Service Tools

Do you operate a construction, landscaping, or other home service business? You can store your tools and equipment at Marshall Street Storage. Trailers, mowers, plumbing supplies, building materials, and more are acceptable to store at our facilities. If there’s something you’re not sure is on the “safe list,” ask a manager!


Vehicles of all sizes can be stored with us! We offer indoor and outdoor vehicle storage options for motorcycles, cars, business vans, small trucks, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, trailers, campers, and RVs. The only stipulations are that your vehicle must be registered, insured, and in operational condition.  You are also responsible for the repair, cleaning or replacement of concrete due to leaks so make sure appropriate steps are taken to insure this doesn't happen.